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12mm Swarovski Graphic Bead Copper
12mm x 10mm Swarovski Graphic bead in Copper with a hole from top to bottom. These are great for ear..
Ex Tax: $2.00
12mm Swarovski Graphic Bead Ruby
12mm x 10mm Swarovski Graphic bead in Ruby with a hole top to bottom. Perfect for earrings, bracelet..
Ex Tax: $2.00
14mm swarovski square with foil back
no holes on this one..
Ex Tax: $4.55
15 x 6mm Swarovski 'Diamond' Crystal AB
Swarovski 'Diamond' shaped bead in Crystal AB measuring approximately 15mm x 6mm and tapered at e..
Ex Tax: $1.40
15mm x7.5mm jet  tear drops
Facetted Swarowski teardrops in Jet measuring 7.5mm x 15mm, $1.25 each + GST. ..
Ex Tax: $1.25
16mm x 11mm Swarovski 'Snowflake' Jet
Swarovski 'Snowflake' in Jet with a hole through the top, measuring 16mm x 11mm. $2.50 + GST each..
Ex Tax: $2.50
17mm x 12mmm  crystal snowflake
small snow flake ideal for earrings or a small dainty pendant ..
Ex Tax: $2.50
18mm Swarovski star in Crystal AB with a hole through the top, our bails are perfect for this piece...
Ex Tax: $4.00
18mm x 12mm indocolite
Ex Tax: $4.00
20 mm starfish indicolite
$4.00 each + GST. The colour is more blue than green, the pendant didn't scan properly...
Ex Tax: $4.00
20mm square crystal with foil back
lovely shape with no holes , ..
Ex Tax: $11.90
27mm x 17mm aquamarine
Swarovski Aquamarine Pendant measuring 17mm x 27mm, $6.00 each + GST ..
Ex Tax: $6.00
27mm x 17mm Golden Shadow
Golden Shadow Swarovski Pendant, $10.00+ GST each ..
Ex Tax: $10.00
28mm Swarovski pear-shaped teardrop in Golden Shadow with a hole through the top, perfect for a pend..
Ex Tax: $6.60
39mm x 24mm  crystal
lovely in all lights, use one of our bails on this for an easy to make pendant ..
Ex Tax: $15.00

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