Gold Plated Leaves

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24carat plated abalone earings
real abaolone shell ,plated with real 24carat gold..
Ex Tax: $10.00
24carat plated mylie leaf earings
24 carat gold plated rewal mylie leaves from hawaii..
Ex Tax: $9.00
5 dehydrated leaf on white
real gold plated leaves on white heishi..
Ex Tax: $17.00
5 leaf mylie coco necklace
real gold plated leaves..
Ex Tax: $17.00
Gold plated snail shell
3.00 each 10 for $30 24 carat gold plated..
Ex Tax: $3.00
mixed REAL GOLD PLATED leaves $3.00 each
real 24 carat gold plated leaves. GET A MIXTURE. THE BIGGEST ONE IS MY OWN ONE AND IS JUST FOR SHOW..
Ex Tax: $18.00
mop abalone pendant 24carat plated
24 carat gold plated..
Ex Tax: $5.00

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