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Thank you for using Ron Chudy Jewellery's website to purchase some of our jewellery, beads and castings. The Ron Chudy Jewellery Beadhouse & Castings brand is privately owned and all transactions on the Ron Chudy Jewellery website form a contract between you, the customer, and Ron Chudy Jewellery Beadhouse & Castings. We have tried to detail the terms and conditions in which Ron Chudy Jewellery operates its website and the terms and conditions you as a consumer accept by that use. These terms and conditions spell out what you can expect from Ron Chudy Jewellery and what you the customer can expect by using our website. By using our website you, the customer, acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions and agrees to be legally bound by them.

Ron Chudy Jewellery takes every care to ensure that the information contained in its website is accurate. However, due to the inherent nature of the internet, errors and omissions can occur, additionally interruptions to the service may occur from time to time. This website is therefore provided for your use on these terms and conditions on an 'as is' basis. Ron Chudy Jewellery does not accept any liability of any kind arising from any inaccuracies or omissions of information, or interruptions in service availability during your use of this website.

The copyright and all other rights and material contained on Ron Chudy Jewellery's website are owned by Ron Chudy Jewellery exclusively. They are included with the permission of the owner. As a visitor you are entitled to a single download of the material for private viewing purposes only. You are not allowed to distribute for any commercial or business use in any form whatsoever without the prior written consent of the brand owner.

The content of these Ron Chudy Jewellery pages, including pictures, designs, logos, photographs, characters and comments are the copyright trademark of Ron Chudy Jewellery beadhouse & Castings. All rights to these images, products and information are reserved by Ron Chudy Jewellery. The reproduction, co-distribution, or incorporation into any other work of part or all of the available data in this website in any form is prohibited with the prior written consent of the owner. Access to copyright and trademark as a user is provided for the sole purpose of placing an order and shopping with Ron Chudy Jewellery. Notwithstanding the above, you will not be restricted as a customer from copying, printing or downloading the material for the purpose of sending for your personal information to others for their personal use, provided that at all times in distributing the information you acknowledge the source of the material namely Ron Chudy Jewellery.

Ron Chudy Jewellery Beadhouse & Castings reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of its operations and the working of its website and the conduct of its business as it requires. It will conduct and execute changes in line with its stated policy as laid down on its website from time to time. This policy will always be fair and lawful. If you are concerned in any way about potential changes to the terms and conditions by which your information and data is being stored please visit our terms and conditions regularly.

In no event will Ron Chudy Jewellery be liable to any party for any indirect or incidental, special or punitative damages resulting from or incurred in the use of this site or any linked site without limitation in any form. The limitation to liability will include any alleged loss of profit or loss of revenues, cost of replacement, business interruptions, and loss of data or damages resulting from use or reliance on any information of any kind present and contained within Ron Chudy Jewellery's website.

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